High School

– Preparation for life, in Brazil or in any other country – Social-emotional development and career planning – Academic excellence that supports students in ENEM and entrance exams Watch the video on the side and learn about the testimony of Gabriel Duarte, a Maple Bear student, approved at UNICAMP, USP, UNESP and UFMG universities.

Open doors to the best universities in Brazil and the world!

The Double Diploma (Brazilian and Canadian) expands opportunities at universities around the globe, giving a significant difference to the student's curriculum both for professional paths in Brazil and abroad.

Why Choose Canadian Methodology?

Canada is a constant presence in the first ranks of the International Student Assessment Program (PISA), these results reinforce the certainty that Maple Bear is on the right path and also, that it offers children the best that Canadian education can provide. In addition, Canada stands out not only in English language studies, but also as a world leader in bilingual education, and it is an inclusive and multicultural country, which are essential aspects of future leaders' education.

Teaching Program

Maple Bear brings the excellence of Canadian education to all students. Through the original teaching program. It is based on best classroom practices and evidence from recent research in the fields of neuroscience and cognitive psychology.

Benefits of a Bilingual Education

At Maple Bear, students begin learning English in preschool using a student-focused, immersive English learning system based on Canadian educational pedagogy and best practices. The development of the English language brings various benefits to young students, such as:

  • Better concentration, analytical skills and multitasking abilities;
  • Greater sense of self-esteem and identity;
  • Ability to live abroad and learn other foreign languages;
  • Exposure to more than one culture, which leads to a global perspective;
  • Development of socio-emotional skills.

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